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We create value in your project, offering solutions that aim to monitor the work from start to finish, without compromising deadlines and valuing results.

The execution of works can be carried out by means of a contract at a fixed price, as the name implies, or by direct administration. In this last modality, the work is executed and coordinated directly by the owner or his representative, using his own labor or with the possibility of resorting to contractors for the execution of specialized works.

At SK Engenharia, we opt for a similar system to direct administration, in which we carry out the planning, coordination and supervision of the work of contractors/subcontractors for an established amount depending on the volume of payment of all the originated expenses. These payments are made directly by the owner.

This solution ends up bringing great advantages both from an economic point of view, being a fairer solution that avoids double taxation and abusive prices, as well as from a quality and planning point of view, allowing a strict control of all stages of work, human resources , means and materials.

1. Project

2. Budgeting

3. Work coordination

4. Delivery of work

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