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We look for the most sustainable solutions in the present, guaranteeing the quality and survival of the future.

In the adverse times we are going through, one of the main objectives of SK Engenharia is focused on the realization of more efficient, comfortable and sustainable constructions. Since our conception, we have sought to develop integrated projects combining the multidisciplinary knowledge of engineering with cutting-edge technology and sustainability. With this vision, we intend to deliver the most innovative solutions with minimal environmental impact to our customers, allowing us to generate great savings to leverage their business.

In addition to being in continuous learning in the area of sustainable construction, SK Engenharia's consultancy focuses on the following areas of activity:


Viability studies

. Hydrological and water reuse studies

. Studies on the use of solar and wind energy

. Studies of sustainable constructive solutions

Consulting for Certifications / Audits


. Water Certification (AQUA +)

. Energetic certification ​

Consultancy on sustainable constructive solutions in buildings  - Green Building Design ​

Integrated architectural, engineering and computer simulation services for building sustainability:

. Thermal comfort consultancy

. Energy efficiency simulations

. Simulations of natural and artificial lighting

. Technical support in the definition of construction systems

. Assistance in choosing sustainable materials

. Technical support in the design of water harvesting systems

. Technical support in the design of energy efficiency systems

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